What is the Atrocities Prevention Board?

This is a guest blog post by Jessie Miller, 13.
The Atrocities Prevention Board was set up in 2012 in an attempt to help end genocides before they begin. The APB, as it is known, was set up with the intent to do a variety of tasks including but definitely not limited to: joining or leading international efforts to stop various genocides in progress, going after the figureheads and masterminds behind atrocities, helping eliminate gendered violence, spotting rising tensions that can spiral out of control and stopping them before it does.The board does some great work, but may not have the support, publicly or within the government, to survive a change in US government leadership. The board can very easily be tossed aside to make room for other programs and cause close to no ripples.What needs to happen now is for it to become known or to risk this asset’s destruction.