"See this film" Recommends Rabbi Steven Burg


Rabbi Steven Burg of the Simon Wiesenthal Center mentioned Watchers of the Sky in a recent Passover email newsletter:

“After recently speaking at Ma’ayanot High School, I met a very inspiring student, Rachel Nordlicht, who was highly involved in the creation of an incredible documentary, Watchers of the Sky. Rachel invited me to a premiere screening of the documentary at the Ford Foundation and I was completely blown away. The documentary details the incredible story of how genocide became a crime against humanity through the work of Raphael Lemkin. Raphael Lemkin is featured in our exhibit ‘In Our Time,’ and it was so powerful to learn about the history and legacy of Raphael Lemkin in this incredible film. I highly recommend that you try and see this film at one of the upcoming screenings.”

You can learn more about upcoming screenings here.