Coming to a Theater Near You


Submarine Entertainment and CAA announced today that it has sold all USA rights to Edet Belzberg’s award winning film WATCHERS OF THE SKY to Music Box Films. Submarine has also sold all Canadian rights to Films We Like; all rights in Australia & New Zealand to Madman Entertainment; all pan-Scandinavian rights to NonStop Entertainment AB; and Worldwide Airline Rights to Jaguar Distribution.

The deals were negotiated by David Koh and Josh Braun of Submarine Entertainment along with Stanley Buchthal of Dakota Group Ltd., Kerry Propper, and Daniel Steinmann of CAA on behalf of the filmmaker and producers along with Ed Arentz, Managing Director, and William Schopf of Music Box Films; Paul Wiegard, Managing Director of Madman Entertainment; Jakob Abrahamsson, Distribution & Acquisitions Director for NonStop Entertainment AB; and Mona Kwan, VP of Acquisitions & Publicity for Jaguar Distribution. Music Box Films will open the film theatrically sometime later this year.

Edet Belzberg stated, “I’m honored to have such notable partners to help bring the film’s important story of courage and perseverance to audiences around the world.”

Ed Arentz and William Schopf of Music Box Films stated, “WATCHERS IN THE SKY is at once a suspense tale with the highest stakes imaginable, a courtroom thriller in humanity’s highest court and the story of a now properly acknowledged secular saint and some of his most prominent spiritual descendants. It’s a story replete with ticking clocks, heinous villains, the collusion of apathy, intrepid heroes, provisional victories and ultimately a clear-eyed but hopeful sense of human progress. These narrative threads are brilliantly orchestrated by Edet Belzberg and we expect US audiences, including Academy voters, to be as rapt and moved as we were.”