Preventing mass atrocities: Be a Watcher of the Sky

Believe cycles of violence can be stopped;
support humanity and justice, choose action over apathy!
Connect, Commit, Continue
Be a Watcher of the Sky



Understand the issues.  Follow newspapers, blogs, UN discussions and updates from organizations working to the end cycle of violence.   Violence knows no geographical boundaries.  Support organizations working in international conflict zones or domestically to curb inner city violence.


Pledge to support the efforts of Our Partners by communicating with decision-makers.  Write &/or call local or national leaders, support online email campaigns and know how to contact your representative at the United Nations. Tell world leaders that #GenocideIsOnU and encourage them to act.


Engage your own community. Host an event and screen “Watchers of the Sky” to educate your family, friends, and colleagues. Help bring the film into classrooms.

Work to rid your community of violence – choose action over apathy!